Work Experiences

Core Elixir Developer

2018 - Present


New Delhi

API Development using Phoenix. I played Core Elixir Developer for developing Soap, Rest, & JSon API. I took code performance responsibilities. In major, I do Code Refactoring and Code Performance enchancing. Developed Fault Tolerant Robust Image Downloader capable of dowloading and uploading milliions of images.

Full Stack Developer

2017 - 2018

Free Lancer


Free Lancing on Backend Software Development, Web Development, Performance Engineering and Graphic Designing. Experienced in Continuous Development and responsible for Code Performance and Code Refactoring. Played a Core Elixir Developer role in CoAP Protocol Development - an Elixir open source library for IOT communication among the devices connected in Constrained Networks.

Elixir Library Developer

2016 (October- Dec)

Open Source Development


I played a role as Elixir Developer for developing CoAP- Constrained Application Protocol. It is a Specialized web transfer protocol for communicating across the devices connected in constrained networks. It is an open source library. It is an Elixir server/client Core Library. IOT ( Internet Of Things )- Communication Module.

Core Elixir Developer/ FreeLancer

2016 (August - October)



Developing the Industrial Automation Software- SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data for Solar Plants. Used Phoenix/Elixir Framework for Server API development and EmberJs for Client API development. My tasks include, performance enhancer, Core Elixir development, Data Visualisation using EmberJs and code refactoring. I served UI/Ux development as well to an extent.

Front End Developer/ FreeLancer

2015 June - December



It is a Medical Data Analytics Company. They act like centralized Data Center for all the Hospitals and Doctors. I played role as a Coffee script developer. My tasks include - designing the User Interface and Development. I am also responsible for Ajax development and data visualisation. Technologies - EmberJs( JavaScript ), REST, Photoshop, Illustrator.

BlackBerry App Developer

2014 Jun - 2015



Enterprise Mobile App Development including Hub Integartion. Developed 4 Major Applications - includes Instant Messaging and Project Management Tools

  • TB10

    Telegram Chat Client for Instant Messaging and peer to peer authentication.

  • Coterie

    Slack Client-Project Management Tool and Team communication

  • Banana

    Asana Client- Project Management Tool

  • Kritus

    BaseCamp Client - Project Management Tool

Professional Skills

Top Skills







React Js




Other Skills

C/C++ Python SASS Erlang CoffeScript Git Graphic Design Vfx Design Adobe


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Extended List Library

Source Code
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Using of HCloud Hosting Service API

Source Code
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TCP Client & Server Implementation

Source Code
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Data Type Checker

Source Code
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Elixir CLI Animations

Spinnig Animations for Command Line Applications

Source Code
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Color Log Printer

Source Code
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Data Validator with desc

Source Code
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Slack Client

Source Code
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Asana Client

Source Code
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Base Camp Client

Source Code
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Guardian Auth

The Guardian Authentication Template Using Ecto/Postgresql Elixir Phoenix [ User Authentication ]

Source Code
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Mp3 Parser

Command Line Application for parsing the Mp3 file

Source Code
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Elixir CoAP Protocol Library

Source Code
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Telegram Client

Source Code


Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science & Engineering

Sri Krishnadevaraya University

2010 - 2014

Get in Touch

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I'm looking for the right opportunity where I can enrich my skills and serve wholeheartedly without being under pressure and overdose. I'm currently taking on freelancing work and open for remote work aswell. I feel great things will happen when you are set free to work on I mean the Free style of coding. No excuse for me to learn new things from the great people like you and of course hardworking. I feel great pleasure working with you and your team if I am recruited Our Team. Cheers !

Many Thanks :)

I can help with the following:

  • Backend Development - Phoenix/Elixir/ NodeJs
  • Frontend Development - Elm/ ReactJs/ EmberJs
  • UI -Designing Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop
  • Video - Editing Adobe PremierPro/After effects
Happy to learn New Things on demand of Technology

Drop me line at [email protected] or call me at 91 9494 5072 87